Memphis-based StartCo, EPICenter run 2015 squad of accelerators


Five Memphis-based accelerators have an aggregate 19 startups in 2015. They are:

EPICenter Logistics Innovation Accelerator (EPICenter; 2015 Sponsor: FedEx)

  • Burro (Austin) is a father and son team who are leveraging the popularity of ridesharing and applying it to local deliveries.
  • LiLoE (Washington, D.C.) is founded by a U.S. Navy veteran who is working on a solution to the doorstep delivery of unattended packages.
  • L7 (Memphis) is developing an online marketplace for consumer-to-consumer shipping options.
  • One Click Ship (San Francisco) is developing a website that aggregates available shipping options and costs for freight forwarders.
  • Thaddeus Medical Devices (Minnesota), founded by a former Mayo Clinic researcher, is developing a device that regulates package temperature.

Seed Hatchery (StartCo - B2B Tech)

  • DivorceSecure, workflow and collaboration wizard for divorce attorneys to streamline the intake of client information and increase their overall case volume. Founders: Hirsch Serman, Noam Davidovics.
  • LendMed, (fka DeliverTo), a liabilities tracking software and digital kiosk that manages the 50,000 weekly instances of hospital lending and borrowing across national/local facilities. Founder: Ryan Freiden.
  • Ncrease, a marketing automation tool for online businesses that provides insights about their customers' social behaviors and daily content sharing suggestions. Founders: Aaron Fitzgerald, Morgan McCullough, Kelly Schricker, Laney Mills.
  • Preteckt, the 1st smart vehicle technology for fleets and drivers that accurately predicts truck breakdowns 30 days before they happen. Founders: Peter Bassa, Sasha Kucharczyk, Ken Sills.

Sky High (StartCo - Social Innovation)

  • Capital C, a Memphis-based code school for adults who are serious about landing jobs as entry-level software developers. Founders: Joel Cox, Meka Egwuekwe.
  • CodeCrew, a nonprofit that provides computer science training to underserved K-12 Memphis students. Founders: Audrey Jones, Meka Egwuekwe, Petya Grady.
  • MyCollegeSTREAM, a webapp that helps guidance counselors get students engaged in the college search process by using college social media. Founders: Bryant Warren, Brian Summerhill.

Upstart (StartCo - Women-led startups)

  • 6Figure, a retail app and ecommerce website with exclusive curation of professional clothing for women in competitive corporate fields. Founder: Michael Wolf.
  • Care Current, a scheduling and matching software for Senior Care Agencies that weighs over 40 factors when assigning clients to their ideal at-home caregiver. Founders: Nick Fuller, Rachel Fuller, Evan Black, Kieran Blazier.
  • MLS My Nest, a real estate service that connects homesellers with licensed agents in their area who provide full real estate services for a $1,500 flat fee. Founders: Jessica Buffington, Dustie Zvolanek.

Zeroto510 (Memphis Bioworks - Medical Devices)

  • SweetBio, with ties to both the University of Memphis and San Francisco, makes membranes for tissue regeneration used in oral surgeries utilizing medical-grade honey as one of the ingredients. Founders: Isaac Rodriguez, Kayla Rodriguez, Marsalas Whitaker.
  • LineGard Med (formerly Site Saver), from Little Rock, provides hospitals a device for use with patients' IV sites and central lines. Founders: Spencer Jones, Louis Diesel.
  • GlucosAlarm, an international company from Chihuahua, Mexico, simplifies testing with a technology for measuring glucose in diabetic patients' urine. Founders: Nancy Guerra, Carlos Bernal.
  • Inspire Living, from Fairfax Station, Va., offers a portable health monitor that enables conducting an automated respiratory and rapid vitals exam on a child. Founder: Kristi Otto. VTC