Chattanooga Startup Awards winners 2016


As part of Chattanooga Startup Week 2016, the Chattanooga Startup Awards event Oct. 6 was presided over by Bellhops' Co-founder and President Cameron Doody and that firm's Communications Director David Martin.

Awards categories, finalist and winners:

  • Business to Business: AudiencePoint (Winner), Management Cleaning Services, and Randall Stappenbeck
  • Business to Customer: Pass it Down (Winner), Get Seated, Run Chattanooga, and CPR Lifewrap
  • Education: Tech Goes Home Chattanooga (Winner), i-kin-sit, and Center Centre
  • Bootstrapper: The Bitter Alibi (Winner) , Hutton and Smith Brewing Company, and Bread and Butter Bakery
  • Startup Advocate of the Year: Mike Bradshaw (Winner), Kristina Montague, and Alexis Willis
  • Startup of the Year: Collider (Winner), Pass it Down, and Roots Rated

Judges for the 2016 Startup Awards:

  • Matt McLelland, innovation Research Manager, Kenco Innovation Labs
  • Mariano Cebri├ín, owner, Panoram Imports
  • Dan Gilmore, attorney, Squire Strategies
  • Beverly K. Brockman PhD., head marketing and entrepreneurship dept., University of Tennessee at Chattanooga
  • Allie O'Connell, project manager, Carbon Five [###]