AutoXLR8R at Tech2020 announces 3rd startup cohort


AutoXLR8R at Tech2020 announces 3rd startup cohort | SRM, CBA, OptoLogistics, CASCI, The PT Solution, The Smart Seat, Sleep On Trucking, Drive & Live, IVRTrain, AutoXLR8R, Jim Brewer, Josh McMillan, Mustafah Varzaneh, Ricardo Valanzuela, Donald Suiters, Daniel White, Emanuel Fierimonte, Ravi Venkataraman, Tech2020, Technology 2020, accelerators, simulators, training, logistics, analytics, manufacturingf, supply chain, safety, trucking, drivers, Jack Sisk,

AUTOXLR8R, the automotive-sector accelerator at Tech2020 in Oak Ridge, announced its 3rd class of startups, which are to begin work July 7, 2015, led by Program Director Jack Sisk.

For earlier AutoXLR8R coverage, click here. The new cohort members are:

  • ALT MOTORS - SRM is developing hub motor technology. Murfreesboro - Jim Brewer
  • ANALYTICS - CBA is developing a data analytics tool to monitor automotive production processes. Knoxville - Josh McMillan
  • LOGISTICS - OptoLogistics software optimizes automotive manufacturing logistics. Knoxville - Mustafa Varzaneh
  • RIDES - The PT Solution personal transportation service targets metro areas and campuses. Chattanooga - Cal Chamberlain
  • ROBO - CASCI is developing a new automatic guided vehicle for deliveries in manufacturing operations. Aguascalientes, Mexico - Ricardo Valenzuela
  • SAFETY - The Smart Seat reminds drivers of small children or pets about to be left in vehicle. Bowling Green-Louisville - Donald Suiters
  • SAFETY - Sleep on Trucking's device levels and stabilizes semi-tractor sleeping quarters for better driver rest. Fayette, Ala. - Danny White.
  • SAFETY - Drive&Live app monitors drivers for drowsiness and other impairing conditions. Bergamo, Italy - Emanuel Fierimonte
  • V/SIM - IVRTrain produces immersive virtual simulations for training for operation of vehicles in manufacturing environments. Cookeville - Ravi Venkataraman
  • VTC