36|86: LaunchTN reveals 36 companies presenting June 8-10 in Nashville


36|86: LaunchTN reveals 36 companies presenting June 8-10 in Nashville | LaunchTN, 3686, Tennessee Technology Development Corporation, startups, TTDC, RootsRated,

LAUNCHTN, the Tennessee Technology Development Corporation (TTDC), today announced the 36 startups that will present in Nashville during the 36|86 conference, in Nashville. TICKETS are on-sale now, right here.

The selectees are:

Airside Mobile (Arlington, VA): Airside Mobile is changing how travelers travel by using mobile technology and expert process design to eliminate lines during day-of-travel.

Antenna (Durham, NC): Antenna has made the first effective tool for collecting people's interest and sentiment as they engage the web.

aPersona (Raleigh, NC): aPersona transparently protects public-facing web services for pennies per user.

Babyscripts (Washington, DC): Babyscripts is reimagining how pregnancies are monitored by introducing the internet of things to prenatal care.

Bandposters (Knoxville, TN): Bandposters allows touring musicians a simple and cost effective way to Design, Print, and Ship posters directly to any stop on their tour in 90 seconds or less.

CrowdTunes (Durham, NC): CrowdTunes is a best-in-breed music management platform that transforms stale background music into an interactive game changer for venues and their patrons and staff.

DivvyCloud (McLean, VA): DivvyCloud is a on-premise software that simplifies the way companies orchestrate and audit their cloud based IT infrastructure.

Dynepic (Charleston, SC): We are building the Internet of Toys - a playground for smart toys. Our connected brain module is an easy way for toy manufacturers to make their toys smart.

Echovate (Charleston, SC): Echovate helps companies' replicate top performing employees through next generation data-science, redefining candidate screening & selection.

EmployUs (Raleigh, NC): EmployUs allows well-connected professionals to earn money helping their friends work where they belong.

EQUITYEATS (Washington, DC): EQUITYEATS is the first equity crowdfunding platform dedicated exclusively to restaurants, bars, and coffee shops.

Feetz (Chattanooga, TN): Feetz is the digital cobbler using 3D printing technology to personally fit shoes to you.

Florence Healthcare (Atlanta, GA): Florence Healthcare is changing the way new drugs are brought to market by accelerating clinical drug trials with a new type automation software.

FotoSwipe (Raleigh, NC): With FotoSwipe, instantly share photos and videos across multiple smart devices (iPhone, Android, iPad, tablets, etc.) with the swipe of a finger.

GameWisp (Nashville, TN): GameWisp is a fan-funding platform that empowers gaming celebrities to monetize their brands through premium content and engaging interactive experiences.

Good Done Great (Charleston, SC): Certified as a B-Corporation, Good Done Great customizes employee engagement and corporate philanthropy platforms for global brands, delivering targeted and measurable impact.

Graph Story (Memphis, TN): Graph Story offers fast, secure and affordable access to graphs-as-a-service to businesses and makes them even easier to use through our customized API.

GROUNDFLOOR (Atlanta, GA): GROUNDFLOOR leverages an innovative application of securities law and an efficient underwriting engine to open up the market for private real estate lending to all.

Kanga (Atlanta, GA): Everything from A to Z delivered from A to B. Kanga's technology helps business & individuals solve on-demand local delivery.

MakeTime (Lexington, KY): MakeTime is an online, transactional, two-sided marketplace where manufacturers connect to buy and sell machine production capacity by the hour.

MetroTech (Atlanta, GA): MetroTech Net is in route to becoming the leader in revolutionizing traffic analytics worldwide.

NEURO+ (Durham, NC): At Neuro+ we're making brain-controlled video games that train focus/attention in adults and children with ADHD.

Partpic (Atlanta, GA): Partpic is an enterprise software solution that simplifies the search and purchase process of replacement parts using visual recognition technology.

PriceWaiter (Chattanooga, TN): Enable efficient, secure, and discreet negotiations with your shoppers by deploying PriceWaiter - the ultimate personalized pricing platform that gives you more control.

Reveal Estate (Atlanta, GA): Reveal Estate is an online real estate brokerage that saves homebuyers thousands. We are the "TurboTax" for buying a home.

Rivalry (Atlanta, GA): Rivalry's team accountability software enables sales coaching within sales organizations across the world.

RootsRated (Chattanooga, TN): RootsRated is a media platform that connects users with the best outdoor experiences, hand-picked by local outdoor retailers and their networks of local experts.

Scorebird (Nashville, TN): ScoreBird is the only mobile application that provides live real-time scores for high school athletics. Point by point and tick by tick; we can support any team sport that utilizes an electronic scoreboard.

Survature (Knoxville, TN): Survature is a software-as-a-service company that provides market research solutions for companies seeking to understand the priorities and opinions of their customers, employees, and other important constituents.

Terminus (Atlanta, GA): Terminus is the leading B2B Advertising Automation software enabling companies to put their message in front of the right decision makers through account-based marketing across all digital channels -- mobile, social, display and video.

TransitScreen (Washington, DC): TransitScreen is a transportation software and digital signage company and a pioneer in providing real-time transit information displays.

Utilize Health (Nashville, TN): Utilize Health is a web platform that matches patients with life altering conditions to the therapies and facilities they need to maximize their potential for recovery.

Vayando (Atlanta, GA): Vayando is an online booking platform that connects curious travelers with off the grid individuals in emerging economies around the world.

Virgil Security (Manassas, VA): Virgil Security, Inc., provides software developers with password-free authentication, strong encryption, and verification of data, devices, and identities that is quickly and easily integrated into their products - often in just hours - with no prior cryptographic knowledge or training required.

WorkAmerica (Washington, DC): WorkAmerica is the LinkedIn for Skilled Trades.

YouRoam (Miami Beach, FL): YouRoam is a mobile application that allows users to make and receive calls anywhere in the world without paying roaming or long distance fees.

ZipFlip (Chattanooga, TN): Zipflip makes buying and selling a car safer and simpler by addressing each of the many pain points in an integrated, comprehensive fashion. VTC